Eco-containerwash advises the customer to enter into a maintenance contract to ensure that crucial maintenance can be carried out by a party with sufficient knowledge and experience with the machine. Marine Systems has developed the machine in such a way that the regular maintenance can be carried out easily by the customer and/or a local maintenance partner. In addition, the maintenance partner of Eco-containerwash has the possibility to log in remotely and offer support.

Eco-containerwash is available 24/7 if support is required. Components of the machine are available worldwide, making it easier for the customer to replace a component in case of a defect.

In the case of a lease construction, a maintenance contract is a standard part of the lease and the content of the maintenance contract is fixed. In the case of a purchase construction, the content of the contract is free to a certain extent. The standard maintenance agreement consists of:

  • Training operator(s) on location;
  • 24/7 availability for remote support;
  • Maintenance once a year by a technician.