Purchase and Lease

Eco-containerwash offers the products in both purchase and lease form. Both are available on request.

Purchase construction

Eco-containerwash offers the products at a fixed price. However, the purchase of a machine does not include infrastructure, installation and commissioning. Because locations differ, it is difficult to give a fixed price for an infrastructure. In almost all cases this price is tailored to the location of the customer. For both washing of containers on ground and on chassis, some standard versions for an infrastructure have been developed.

If required, Eco-containerwash can make a proposal for the delivery and installation of the infrastructure. The same applies to the installation of the container cleaner. Several requirements and wishes can be discussed.

When purchasing an installation by means of a purchase construction, the customer owns the installation. A customer is also responsible for the maintenance of the installation. It is possible to enter into a maintenance contract with Eco-containerwash.

If you are curious about the possibilities, please feel free to contact us.

Lease construction

It is also possible to lease a machine. Eco-containerwash offers lease forms with a term of three, four and five years. Included in a standard lease construction are the delivery and installation of both the infrastructure and the machine, the use of the machine for a certain term and a maintenance contract. Variations on this contract are possible on request.

Contrary to the purchase price in a purchase construction, a lease price varies per situation. The lease price is determined based on the following variables:

  • Term of lease contract;
  • Version of the infrastructure;
  • Average amount of containers to be washed per year.

At the end of the lease contract, the customer will be able to purchase or lease the machine at a reduced price.
Do you have questions about the lease construction or are you curious about the possibilities? Feel free to contact us.