In order for the machine to function, an infrastructure is necessary. The infrastructure enables the machine to move, be operated and makes the supply of water and electricity possible. Finally, the infrastructure creates a safe working environment for the operator, other employees and bystanders.

The infrastructure is determined on the basis of the current infrastructure, desired washing method, number of containers to be washed and available space on site.

Variables are as follows:

  • Washing containers on chassis or on the ground (in a row);
  • Number of containers to be washed (number of containers in a row or number of lanes);
  • Location of electricity and water supply;
  • Location of machine control.

Variants infrastructure

Eco-containerwash has developed a number of variants for an infrastructure. These are possibly applicable at your location and are described below. In addition to these standard variants, a customer-specific infrastructure is available on request.

An infrastructure where containers are washed on chassis includes:

  • Shielded lanes;
  • Rail system;
  • Portals;
  • HMI portal;
  • Door locks.

An infrastructure where containers are washed on the ground includes:

  • Container knocks;
  • Rail system;
  • HMI portal;
  • Door locks.